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Medals of the anniversary 5th INTERPIPE DNIPRO HALF MARATHON 2020 ONLINE are dedicated to Liudmyla Lysenko, the Olympic champion and world record holder set on 800 m distance in 1960


A medal is the main trophy a runner gets after crossing the finish line. This is a symbol of that crazy adventure the race participants partake in as soon as they make the decision to participate in the race and run the course until they realize they have accomplished it. This is a keepsake that would remind them about daily struggles, training on hot days and in pouring rain. And it is also an integral element of an official race that can be used to communicate its value and uniqueness. 


To highlight and emphasise the uniqueness of every race city, in 2020 Run Ukraine decided to combine designs of medals of five Ukrainian Majors Running League events into one concept and dedicate it to anniversary events or special sights of the race city.


The medals of the anniversary 5th INTERPIPE DNIPRO HALF MARATHON 2020 ONLINE are dedicated to the Olympic champion Liudmyla Lysenko (maiden last name — Shevtsova, later — Hurevych).


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60 years ago, during the ХVІІ Olympic Games, which took place in Rome in 1960, Ukrainian athlete Liudmyla Lysenko (Liudmyla Shevtsova at the time) won the gold in the race of 800 meters and set the world record by finishing this distance in 02 minutes 4.3 seconds.


That was an intense struggle for victory as the Ukrainian athlete was running right next to Australian runner Brenda Jones. The girls were approaching the finish line foot to foot, and Liudmyla leaped forward just one second away from crossing the finish line. The video footage capturing this historical moment proves that you should always keep striving for the victory.



Even though the future Olympic champion was born in Krasnodar Krai, she started her sports career in Dnipro. For a long time Liudmyla was training as part of Dnipro athletic team “Avangard”, and the Athletic Federation of Dnipro considers Liudmyla Lysenko one of the greatest athletes of the city.


In 2020, on the 60th anniversary of the world record on the 800-meter course set by Liudmyla Lysenko, this story will once again excite the hearts of the participants of the fifth Dnipro Half Marathon and remind them that the future is impossible without the past!





















































Remember your past, run for your future!