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Run Ukraine introduced a cashback system, according to which 10% of the cost of each purchased registration is transferred to a participant’s personal cashback account. 

For every 10 UAH spent by a participant, 1 bonus point is transferred to the cashback account. 1 bonus point of the cashback account equals 1 UAH.

You can use the accumulated bonus points for the purchase of slots for future Run Ukraine events. 


What can I use cashback for?

Cashback can be used for the purchase of registrations for the future Run Ukraine races or for the races of Triathlon Ukraine.

The bonus points can cover up to 50% of the registration fee.


How can I use cashback?

To use cashback, enter the word “CASHBACK” in the special field, and the bonus points will be automatically written off.


How can I check my cashback account?

You can check your cashback (bonus) account in your personal profile, tab “Information”.


When can I use my cashback points?

The cashback accumulated over 2020 and 2021 should be used by January 16, 2022. All cashback points will be canceled on January 17, 2022.