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INTERPIPE is the title sponsor of Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon for three more years

The companies Run Ukraine and INTERPIPE will continue their cooperation. According to the new agreement, INTERPIPE remains the title sponsor of the biggest running event in Dnipro –  Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon – for three more years.

«For our company and for the whole running community, including the INTERPIPE company, this is an important historical moment when we go from short-term to long-term planning with the purpose of taking the event to an international level and development of corporate culture. This is not a reason to relax and just do an event, it is the basis which gives opportunities to further development of this running event. We would like to apply this approach in all events of the Run Ukraine Running League», says Dmytro Chernitskyi, the General Manager of the Run Ukraine.

«Running is a trend that is spreading throughout the world. Boston, New York, Tokio… What unites these cities? Running. It is nice that Dnipro also joined the running community and proved that this city has something more besides plants and rockets. The half marathon has become the festival of the city, people from all over Ukraine and other countries come for it. For two years we have been supporting this world trend and we want even more people of our city to join this running community. The number of participants is increasing every year. In the first Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon there were 1400 participants from nine countries, in the second – 2500 participants from 13 countries. We are proud to say that those numbers include employees of the INTERPIPE. Last year our corporate team had about 250 participants. For many of them running has already become a part of life. We hope that this year there will be even more fans of running», – says Dmytro Kysylevskyi, the Corporate Relations Director of INTERPIPE.

Run Ukraine and INTERPIPE have been in cooperation since 2016, when Dnipro hosted its first half marathon. Over the two years, about 4000 professional and amateur runners from different countries of the world have taken part in the race. Traditionally, it includes the INTERPIPE corporate team. In addition to that, thousands of people in the audience have joined the running movement in Dnipro.

3rd Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon will take place on May 20. The half marathon program will include three individual races on the courses: 21.0975 km, 5 km and 2 km. In 2018 for the first time it will include relay races of 1х10 km + 1х11.0975 and a relay race for four participants: 3х5 km + 1х6.0975 km. Traditionally, the half marathon organizers will invite young participants to participate in the children’s races: 1 000 m, 500 m and 100 m. Children participate on these courses free of charge.

Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon is one of the stages of the Run Ukraine Running League, which includes races in five cities of Ukraine.


INTERPIPE is a Ukrainian industrial company with its headquarter in Dnipro. It specializes in manufacturing of seamless pipes and wheels for rail transport.  INTERPIPE products are distributed to 80 countries of the world through the network of sales offices, located in the key markets of the SID, Near East, North America and Europe.

Run Ukraine

Run Ukraine is the organizer of the biggest running events in Ukraine. Since 2010, the company has organized over 30 international competitions for amature runners and sports enthusiasts. The mission of Run Ukraine is to organize mass sports events of the highest level and to inspire people to take up running.  

The company is the organizer of the «Run Ukraine Running League», which includes six events in five cities of Ukraine:

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