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For the second time 3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon will include Family Run


For the second year in a row INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon will include a Family Run –a two-kilometer race for the whole family.


Family Run is a chance to present your family with a big sports festival, vivid emotions and good memories. Anyone can overcome these 2 kilometers, even if you don’t have any specific training, you will be able to walk it if you can’t run it. Which is why a family team including even young children (carried or in a stroller) can take part in the Family Run. Every participant will be given a branded t-shirt at the finish line.


Last year the Run Ukraine company – the organizer of Dnipro half marathon initiated a new race and now its participants can’t wait for it and on May 20 sport and family teams will come to its starting lines.

To take part in the sport family festival, you need to register in advance at the official event website https://interpipe.dniprohalfmarathon.org/.


For your information:

3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon is a running event, in which anyone can take part. Traditionally organizers offer participants three individual courses: 21.0975 km, 5 km and 2 km, and the usual 20 km course will be presented as a relay 2х10, as well as  4х5 km relay.

Title sponsor – INTERPIPE.

Organizer – Run Ukraine.

Co-organizer – running club Start Dnipro.


For the media:

Press release in Ukrainian: https://goo.gl/itXmrx

Press release in Russian: https://goo.gl/fmJpsq



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