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3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon was presented in Dnipro

On March 26 in Dnipro the third Dnipro international half marathon – 3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon, which will be held on May 20, was presented. This year the event will become one of the biggest scale half marathons of the country, since almost 3,500 runners will participate in it – both amateur and professional.


The organizers of the Dnipro half marathon – Run Ukraine company – during the presentation told about this year’s courses at the 3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon: traditionally these are individual courses of 21.0975 km, 5 km and 2 km, and relay race 3×5+1×6. The course of 10 km was changed to the relay 1х10+1х11.


In order for the Dniprians to best prepare for the upcoming start, event organizers, Run Ukraine company together with INTERPIPE launches a series of free Open Run Day trainings that will take place in four cities: Dnipro, Kamyanske, Novomoskovsk and Nikopol. The program is scheduled for 4 Open Run Day training sessions and one test run Long Training. The first training is already taking place on March 31 in Dnipro.


“The uniqueness of 3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon is that it goes beyond the city limits. That is why it was decided to organize free trainings in 4 cities of Dnipropetrovsk region. All of this is available and free for every person, so we make running not only affordable, but also popularize opportunities, introduce trainers to people, talk about the importance of training, and other criteria. Dear friends, join one of the biggest half marathons in Ukraine ” says Run Ukraine General Manager Dmytro Chernitsky.


Also this year the total prize fund increased – UAH 85,600, when last year it amounted to UAH 49,600. Winners of the 21.0975 km course will be awarded from 1 till 5 place, women and men separately, as well as individual rewards in age groups from 1 till 3 place.


Finishers of main courses will receive medals with an updated design based on the image of the main symbol of the city, and relay medals are designed in the form of steps that symbolize that the team needs to overcome the path up to achieve its goal.


“The more there will be such starts as Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon, the more people we will motivate to do sports, and will give professional athletes the opportunity to perform and show high results. Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon is a real sporting holiday for guests and residents of the city”the founder of the public organization Start Dnipro, co-organizer of INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon, President of the Dnipropetrovsk region Athletics Federation Maryna Filatova comments.


During 3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon for the second time a charity race for 2 km will take place, the purpose of which is to raise funds for rehabilitation equipment for the Dnipro Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, namely the Department of Orthopedics. 50% of the starting fee will go to charity.


“An example of Interpipe proved that taking up sport as a part of a large corporate team is very motivating. We have people who ran 2 km two years ago, and this year plan to run 21 km. That is why we start project for office workers – office challenge. Leaders of 12 Dnipro companies will prepare under the supervision of a coach for seven weeks for the first race in their life. We want to prove that you can find time for running even if you are the head of a big company. Among participants of Interpipe are Varus, Softserve, Credit Dnipro bank, Kiddisvit, Stekloplast, Vodafon, the brand of enameled dishes Laurel, Biosphere, CB Pivdenne, Mishi Blyahera, founder of the project Be in UA” said Interpipe Director of Corporate Relations Dmytro Kysylivskyi.


This year 3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon received the highest rating – 5 stars from the European Athletics Association. This is the highest level of certification and an assessment that has been developed by leading experts in Europe.



3rd INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon – Dnipro half marathon that has become a tradition for the city and its inhabitants. This year the organizers of the event – Run Ukraine company – expect more than 3,500 participants and 10,000 spectators, not only from Ukraine, but also from abroad. Traditionally, INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon is supported by Dnipro City Council, Dnipro Athletics Federation and directly its’ President – Maryna Filatova.


Title Sponsor – INTERPIPE.

Organizer – Run Ukraine.

Co-organizer – running club Start Dnipro.

Official event website: https://interpipe.dniprohalfmarathon.org/


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