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Receive your starter’s package

Dear participant!

Participants of Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon 2020 can pick up starter’s packages at Dnipro.SportExpoUA 2020 at the address: Dnipro, Dnipro-Arena stadium, 7 Khersonska str., 2nd floor, north entrance.

November 21, 2020, from 10:00 till 20:00.

To receive your starter’s package, you must present the following documents:

Accident insurance that covers participation in sports competitions on the day of the race is included in the starter’s package.

All registered participants bear sole responsibility for their lives and health regarding the race and sign a statement about it.

Please, notice! You will not receive your race number and starter’s package if you fail to present a valid ID.

Participants ages 18 and older may be submitted to the course of 21.0975 km. The age of a Race participant is determined as of December, 31 of the current year.

Additional merchandise:

 If for some reason you are unable to personally pick up your starter’s package, you can find someone who can come and get your starter’s package for you.

You must also make sure that this person has all the necessary documents:

To the Director of NGO “Run Ukraine”

Chernitskyi D.L.

I, (full name of the person that purchased registration), ask you to give the starter’s package with the number (participant’s race number) to my representative (full name of the person receiving the starter’s package), because I am unable to receive it in person.

Date and signature of the person that purchased registration.

Please, notice! Paragraph 7.1 does not apply to participants of any relay or team races, namely: 3х5+1х6.0975 km, 4х21.0975 km, 2х21.0975 km, 4х10 km.

It means that every participant of a relay or team race must pick up his or her starter’s package at SportExpoUA2020 on the days of distribution of starter’s packages upon presentation of a document certifying participant’s identity.

Important information:

The team of RUN UKRAINE wishes you light feet and a successful race!