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Your personal amulet: presentation of the RUN WITH UKRAINE unique medal

The RUN WITH UKRAINE charity race is an unusual but very important project for us. Our main goal is to help the Ukrainian people and its defenders, to support every Ukrainian, to unite the running community and caring people around the world in order to achieve peace together as soon as possible.

Therefore, RUN WITH UKRAINE medals will also be unusual and very symbolic.


This will not be a traditional medal with a ribbon that you hang in a prominent place. It will be a medal that you will make with your own hands, so it will be really unique in your collection.

Each finisher of the RUN WITH UKRAINE race will receive a special origami medal in the form of a Stork.


The stork is one of the symbols of Ukraine. This bird is a symbol of fidelity and happiness, well-being and family well-being, a symbol of peace and love for the Motherland. It is a kind of amulet of Ukraine, so we decided to make the stork a symbol of our RUN WITH UKRAINE charity race.


Origami is the ancient art of assembling paper figures, so you can make your own personal symbol, which will be your reminder of your contribution to peace! The contribution of you all is extremely important!

You can involve children in making up your medal and together you will create an amulet against all troubles!


You will receive a video instruction with a medal, so making the stork will be an exciting game (we will upload a model of medals with instructions to your personal account within a week after the participant sends his results to us at [email protected]). For those who have already sent us the results, the medal will be uploaded to the personal account in the near future.


We hope that this special medal will give you enthusiasm and strength and will be exceptional for you. So choose your distance and register!



You can also make an additional charitable contribution by purchasing a special certificate in our store:

Make a charitable contribution


We remind you that we donate 70% of the amount of each contribution to the Serhiy Prytula Foundation and to the Masha Efrosinina Charitable Foundation for Ukraine’s assistance. 


Let’s run 6993 km for peace together! 💙💛