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We urge banning Russian and Belarusian runners from any competition

There is no place in sports for countries, which have chosen the path of war, attacked peaceful country, and threatens the whole world with their army and nuclear weapons.

Just one week ago, the Run Ukraine team was working hard to organize our first and one of the biggest running events of this year – the 12th Work.ua Kyiv Half Marathon 2022. However, on the 24th of February, Russia with the support and direct participation of Belarus attacked Ukraine and started the war. 

We urge all organizers of running events in the world to unite and say “No To War!”. We urge:

Many global and local professional and amateur sports organizations broke off cooperation with Russian and Belorussian sports, and also canceled the registrations of athletes from these countries on their events. The stopping of this war requires everyone’s help. We have to unite as a world to stand against aggression.

Don’t stay away!