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The RUN WITH UKRAINE project donated UAH 147,000 to support Ukraine

The RUN WITH UKRAINE charity initiative is a virtual race to support Ukraine. It was launched by the Run Ukraine team. We collected 210,199 hryvnias in the month since the start.


 We have already donated  70%*  of the collected funds is UAH 147,139 to the Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation. They are engaged in targeted assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the purchase of necessary equipment, equipment, medicines and transport for the military, who are defending our lives and freedom.


The Prytula Foundation is also involved in delivering and distributing humanitarian aid to civilians affected by the Russian invasion. The Foundation has opened its own logistics points on the border with Poland and in Lviv to efficiently transport goods from Europe to Ukraine.


Not only Ukrainians but also runners from 27 countries joined the RUN WITH UKRAINE project! Ukrainians take an active part in the event, as well as runners from Australia, Italy, France, Britain, USA, Switzerland, Estonia, Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Austria, Finland and even China and Algeria. The whole world supports us!

The Run Ukraine team is sincerely grateful to everyone who joined our initiative!


And we don’t stop and continue running!  Registration is underway, and our common goal is to run 6,993 kilometers, the length of Ukraine’s state border. 



You can also make an additional charitable contribution by purchasing a special certificate in our store.

Make a charitable contribution


In addition, it is possible to purchase a special gift certificate “Suspended registration”. This is an additional opportunity to help the country and give registration to running friends.


Let’s help together! Let’s run 6993 km for the sake of Ukraine together! 💙💛



*30% of the amount of money raised goes to the minimum support of the Run Ukraine team.