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The Run Ukraine team founded the volunteer organization Batthelp

The Run Ukraine team with business owners, top managers, photographers and creators, founded the Batthelp volunteer organization.

The organization emerged in February 2022 after the Russian invasion began.

Batthelp‘s main work is targeted assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, procurement of equipment and supplies, logistics assistance, and targeted humanitarian assistance.

The team regularly publishes detailed reports on the work done on the website. What was made and purchased, how much money was raised and what it was spent on.


“A common goal unites people. We grouped around our friends and relatives who serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Pretty soon we identified the key areas and started working on them. It is important for us that help reaches those who need it. Equipment and technology for soldiers. Humanitarian for the people who need it. This way the problem is not lost. There are many requests and needs,” commented Viktoria Veremienko, one of the founders of Batthelp.


Anyone can join the Batthelp volunteer movement in several ways. You can support Ukraine financially. There are available foreign exchange replenishment from abroad. Or you can provide humanitarian aid or help with transport and so on.

Join us, because together we are a great force and together we will win! 💙💛



Run Ukraine is the organizer of the largest running events in Ukraine. Since 2010, the company has held more than 30 international competitions for running enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts.

Run Ukraine’s mission is to organize high-level sports events, inspire and motivate people to run.


Batthelp is a volunteer organization that emerged in February 2022 after the Russian invasion began.