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Registration for the 4th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon 2019 open!


On May 26 for the fourth time Dnipro will host the international half marathon 4th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon, which has already become a tradition for the city and its residents. On December 4,  2018 the organizers of the event, the Run Ukraine company, opened registration for the main course – 21.0975 km. The participants on the courses for adults will get insurance included in their starter’s package.

The title sponsor of the event is the INTERPIPE company. “The identity of the city of Dnipro has been slowly but steadily changing from a post-soviet industrial city into a European city attractive for life and tourism. Big sports events are an integral part of this identity. This is why for the fourth year in a row the industrial company INTERPIPE acts as a title sponsor for the running half marathon INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon and makes a lot of effort to develop running culture in the region”said Dmytro Kysylevskyi, Corporate Relations Director of the INTERPIPE.

The courses of the 4th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon have gone through some changes: we returned the 10 km course with medals for every finisher. Instead of the 5 km course there will be a  4.2 km mini marathon course.


The event will also include a team race 4х21 km and a relay race 4х5 km, with monetary rewards for winners. However, the event organizers, the Run Ukraine company, have decided to give up the courses of 2 km, 5 km and a relay race of 2х10 km.


The prize fund of the 4th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon has been significantly increased compared to this year. In 2019 it will amount to 143,000 UAH, which is by 56,500 UAH more than last year. The winners on the main course will get 12,000 UAH, for the second place – 10,000 UAH, for the third place – 6,000 UAH, for the fourth place – 4,000 UAH and 2,000 UAH for the fifth place. If an athlete sets a track record, he/she will get an additional 5,000 UAH. This year the runners will be able to compete for the additional monetary reward of 5,000 UAH if they finish the main course in a set time: 1:04:00 for men and 1:13:50 for women. Monetary rewards in age groups will also be increased: the winners will get 1,200 UAH, and 800 and 500 UAH for the second and third places.

Participation in the running events is available to both amateur and professional runners. The organizers would like to emphasize the importance of advance preparation for the race and recommend to start training now, especially if you are going to try running a half marathon for the first time.

In 2019 the organizers plan to have about 4,000 participants and 10,000 people in the audience at the 4th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon.


Reference information:

Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon is a large-scale running event bringing together people from various cities of Ukraine and other countries.

We would like to remind that Dnipro half marathon is one of the six stages of the Run Ukraine Running League 2019, which includes races in five cities of Ukraine. The League is created for amateur runners, after the last stage they will determine winners among men and women. The main prize of the Run Ukraine Running League  is participation in a prestigious international marathon.

Registration available on the website https://interpipe.dniprohalfmarathon.org/

Organizer – Run Ukraine

Title sponsor – INTERPIPE


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