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Opening registration for the 4th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon


On February 22, 2019 the organizer of the 4th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon, the Run Ukraine company, opened registration for the course that last year’s participants are well familiar with –  Dnipro Relay 3×5+1×6 km and new courses: Team Run 4×21.0975 km, mini marathon 4.2 km.

Compared to last year, the Dnipro Relay 3×5+1×6 km course has undergone some changes, and we specifically mean the monetary reward of 8,000 UAH for the winning team. Monetary prizes will also be given to the first three winners of the team race Team 4×21.0975 км. 6,000 UAH for the first place, 4,000 UAH for the second place and 2,000 UAH for the third place.

Also this year for the first time the 4th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon will include a mini marathon on the course of 4.2 km. This course will replace last year’s race of 5 km.

Participation in the running event is available to both amateurs and professional runners. The organizers emphasize the importance of proper advance preparation for the race and recommend to start training, especially if you plan to run a half marathon for the first time.

The registration is currently open for the courses of 21.075 km and 10 km, their finishers will get medals.

Organizer – Run Ukraine

Title sponsor – INTERPIPE