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How to submit your results

ATTENTION! Make sure you send us your results to be officially recorded 


  1. Activate a tracking* app before you start your race  
  2. Run your distance any time between November 13 and 21 
  3. Stop the app after you finish 
  4. Send result confirmation from your tracking app or a link to your personal profile to [email protected] within three days after your race. Provide your race number, email address, and a screenshot/link to your track record.
  5. Be proud of yourself. 


*You may use any tracking program to capture your race result, such as Strava, Endomondo, Nike Running Club, Polar Flow, Garmin Connect, etc. 


Your screenshot must show your distance, time, and date.

Once your result is confirmed, we will send you an online finisher’s diploma with your time.