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Running club “Start Dnipro” became co-organizer of INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon

Dnipro running club “Start Dnipro” founded by Maryna Filatova joined the team of organizers of the major running event – INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon 2017, which will be held on May 28. As co-organizer “Start Dnipro” among other things provides training for half marathon participants. In particular, running club is developing a program Open Run Day – free trainings for everyone willing which will take place during two months prior to the INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon. The program is developed for “running-lovers” of different levels of preparation, so beginners as well as those who have experience of participating in running competitions can join the trainings. Professional trainers of the “Start Dnipro” club will coach participants of the half marathon for the race.

“This year two organizers of major running events in Ukraine – NGO “Start Dnipro” and Run Ukraine combine their efforts to organize INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon 2017 in order to reach a new level of quality. Dnipro will again become the center of running Ukraine and will show that such synergy has a positive effect on the development of running movement of Ukraine”, says Maryna Filatova, President of Dnipro Athletics Federation, founder of “Start Dnipro”.

Participants are motivated to properly prepare for the race, since this year they will compete for the prize fund of 50 000 UAH. The winners of the race at the course of 21.0975 km among men and women will receive 5 000 UAH each. In addition, for the first time for the half marathon City Cup will be held – a cup of the city where the winners at the course of 21.0975 km will be determined among residents of Dnipro. During INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon 2017 for the first time free races will be held: among students (University Cup), representatives of security services (Security Cup) and industrial workers (Steel Cup). Dnipro half marathon will become a major running event for the city bringing together at the start thousands of different people who have one purpose.

“To organize regional running events it is important to have the support of the city and of local running community. We are pleased to have received it in Dnipro for INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon. Cooperation with the running club “Start Dnipro” allows us to involve active runners from the city to participate in the half marathon and to motivate them to join the Run Ukraine Running League 2017″, says General Manager of Run Ukraine Dmytro Chernitskyi.

For second year INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon is supported by the Dnipro City Council, Dnipro Athletics Federation and in particular by its President Maryna Filatova who in 2016 overcame the course of 21 km. This year the event is held within the framework of Dnipro Mayor Boris Filatov Program “Sports capital”.