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NGO “Run Ukraine”

Thousands of active fans of running have united into one big community – NGO “Run Ukraine.” We have formed the driving force of sporting life of our country.  Do you want to get involved and become part of the nationwide running movement? Go ahead!


Each associate member of the NGO “Run Ukraine” gets a special offer during registration and a number of bonuses from the organizers of event.

How it works:

When you create a personal profile or register for the first time in the existing personal profile, you will be invited to join the NGO “Run Ukraine.”

Who can be an associate member of the NGO “Run Ukraine”:

– citizens of Ukraine aged 18

Please, notice! Persons under the age of 18 or citizens of other countries may not become associate members of the NGO “Run Ukraine”.

See the Regulations of the Associate Membership in the NGO “Run Ukraine”

Form the running culture with thousands of like-minded people!