• General sports partner
  • 10 km course partner
  • Title sponsor

Race Village

Changing Rooms
Changing rooms will be located at the Heroiiv Maidanu Square. Separate changing rooms for men and women.

Luggage Storage

Luggage storage will be available from 7:00 till 15:00. To store your luggage, attach to it the “Luggage number” sticker you received in the starter’s package.


Toilets are located in the Race Village and at each hydration station along the route.

Entrance to starting blocks

Participants on the 21.0975 km course have a chance to take a place in the starting block according to their estimated finish time. Each entrance will be marked with a banner with the time on it.


Each race bib number has a chip (two strips on the back side), please, do not bend them and do not remove them. Do not cover your race bib number with your hands when crossing the start/finish line and time capturing stations. Our website https://interpipe.dniprohalfmarathon.org  will provide online results after an athlete crosses a finish line.

Within one hour after the finish, each participant will receive a text message with his/her finish time.


Massage zone will be located in the Race Village next to the luggage storage.

Medical assistance

Race village will have a hospital zone. There will be assistants of medical services available at each hydration station.